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  1. Beneficiary – Those who wants to start new business / develop, expand existing business.
  2. Sanctioning Limit – One can avail this type of loan facility after fulfilling necessary formalities and documents from Rs. 50,000/- upto Rs. 25,00,000/- depends upon the income source, lien offered  and repaying capacity of the borrower at the prevailing rate of interest decided by the Bank.
  3. Criteria to avail HYP CC loan
  4. Borrower should be member / shareholder of the bank.
  5. If any one who is not shareholder of the Bank and wants to avail the loan, he has to become shareholder by depositing Rs. 1,010/- towards membership.
  6. The 5% amount of the sanctioned loan is to be deducted as share amount.
  7. Borrower should submit his photograph, residential proof, income proof, financial statements, Shop Act License, previous 3 years Income Tax Returns, PAN Card, Tax Audit Report, Assessment , Stock Statement etc.
  8. For new business, it is essential to submit Project Report.
  9. 2 shareholder alongwith their income proof, financial statement, photograph, address proof etc. is required as guarantors for the said loan.
  10. Borrower should give advance cheques to Bank for repayment purpose.
  11. Primary security will be stock / debtors alongiwth.

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