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Solvency Certificate

  • Beneficiary – Those who wants to obtain Solvency Certificate from Bank.
  • Sanctioning Limit – One can avail Solvency Certificate facility after fulfilling necessary formalities and documents.
  • Criteria to avail Solvency Certificate  –
  • The person who wants to avail Solvency Certificate should be member / shareholder of the bank and also he must have Current / Saving Account with any of the Bank’s Branch.
  • If any one who is not shareholder of the Bank and wants to avail the Letter of Credit facility, he has to become shareholder by depositing Rs. 1,010/- towards membership.
  • The rate of commission for Solvency Certificate is Rs. 1/- for per  1000/- Rupees.
  • The person who wants to avail Solvency Certificate facility should submit with the Bank the reason for which he required the Solvency Certificate.


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